TurboVente under Windows is a commercial management software that runs in single-user and networked under Windows (7, 8 and following) and the database manager used here is Microsoft SQL Server.

TurboVente under Windows meets all your needs related to the commercial management of your business.

TurboVente under Windows has been designed to ensure optimal performance and maximum flexibility and to limit as much as possible human intervention in the management of sales operations.

Some major modules of TurboVente

  • Setting up tables
  • Journal management
  • Management of families and sub-families of items
  • Item management
  • Management of Purchase Orders
  • Management of delivery slips
  • Billing management
  • Management of customer payments
  • Cash management
  • Access management

Features of TurboSoft on Windows

A. Entry states

  • Creation of funds
  • Creation of families
  • Creation of sub-families
  • Creation of articles
  • Customer creation
  • Creation of accounts
  • Creation of taxes
  • Entering purchase orders
  • Entering delivery notes
  • Invoicing of deliveries
  • Entry / modification of sales prices
  • Etc.

B. Exit states

The main output states generated are:

  • The sales journal
  • The cash journal
  • The bills
  • The cash register receipt
  • Purchase order
  • The delivery slip
  • Transfer vouchers to an earlier date
  • Article statistics
  • Customer statistics
  • Supplier statistics
  • The statement of deadlines
  • Etc.

Various other editions are available, thus facilitating the analysis of sales management data.

Automatic interfacing is planned with TURBOCOMPTA.