TURBOCOMPTA under Windows meets all your needs related to accounting management. It is a program designed by Cameroonian engineers and in collaboration with all accounting professionals. TURBOCOMPTA under Windows has been designed to ensure optimal performance and maximum flexibility.

The automatic interface of the modules provided by TURBOCOMPTA under Windows for processing operations is easy to operate, from the creation of a group of companies, companies, accounting years, the chart of accounts to the edits of the various statements, including data entry. writings.
Entering the entries in TURBOCOMPTA , through its window, allows you as you enter it, to assess: the balance of the part through the total debit and total credit, the lettering and the definition of the payment dates. due dates of third-party accounts and even display of the account balance on the move.


TURBOCOMPTA under Windows allows you to perform the following operations:

A. States of Entry

  • Creation of the Group of companies
  • Creation of companies
  • Creation of accounting chapters
  • Creation of the chart of accounts
  • Creation of accounting journals
  • Creation of third parties
  • Creation of automatic labels
  • Creation of the auxiliary plan
  • Creation of the consolidation plan
  • Creation of funds
  • Creation of budget sections
  • Creation of input models
  • Etc …

B. Exit States

The main output states generated are:

  • The chart of accounts
  • The Third Party Plan
  • The nomenclature of accounts
  • The list of accounting journals
  • The list of accounting documents
  • The correspondence table
  • The breakdown table by account for the financial statements
  • The list of lettered writings
  • The list of non-lettered writings
  • The accounting journal
  • The Ledger
  • Libra / society / group
  • The state of budget forecasts
  • Budget execution status
  • Libra / section / company / group
  • The cash journal
  • The cash register receipt
  • Etc.

C. Other treatments

  • New fiscal year opening
  • The resumption or not of A-NEWS
  • Resumption of the chart of accounts
  • The resumption of accounting entries
  • The tallying of accounts
  • Lettering of accounts
  • The extraction of writings
  • Change of account number
  • Export of accounting
  • Import of accounting
  • Closing of accounts
  • The de-closing of accounts
  • Etc.

D. Other security

  • User creation
  • Authorization creation
  • Entry / modification of authorizations
  • Program assignment
  • Etc.