TurboBudget under Windows is a budget management software that runs as a single station and in a network on IBM PC, XT, AT, PS / 2 microcomputers or any 100% compatible equipped with a color or monochrome screen, a 32MB minimum central memory and a hard disk. The operating system is Windows (WorksGroup, 98, 2000, XP, NT or Millenium) and the database manager used here is Microsoft SQL Server…


A. Entry states

  • Journal entry
  • Entering activity
  • Automatic caption entry
  • Section entry
  • Large section entry
  • Entering the chart of accounts
  • Group entry
  • Enter account activity change
  • Supplier entry
  • Reconciliation of accounts

– Import of accounting entries
– Entry and modification of correspondence tables
– Reconciliation
– Deletion of accounting entries
– Automatic / amount reconciliation

  • Forecasts
  • Supplier commitment
  • Other commitments
  • New Budget
  • Projections
  • Etc.

B. Exit states

  • The main output states generated are:
  • The list of sections
  • The list of analytical sections
  • The chart of accounts
  • commitment vouchers
  • Budget forecasts
  • The commitment journal
  • The commitment ledger
  • The commitment ledger / accounts section
  • The balance
  • The summary table
  • The regrouping plan
  • The supply-use table / month / year
  • The operating account / month / year
  • Budgetary readiness
  • The detailed summary
  • Forecast statements

– The summary table
– The state of budget preparation
– The supply-use table
– The operating account
– The breakdown of groupings

  • Account reconciliation statements
  • Etc.

C. Other treatments

  • Connection settings
  • Company settings
  • Exercise creation
  • Commitment entry extraction
  • Accounting entry extraction
  • Group assignment to accounts
  • Grouping account assignment
  • Resumption of chart of accounts
  • Group takeover
  • Correspondence table recovery
  • Newspaper take-back
  • Etc.

D. In consultation

  • List of sections
  • List of analytical sections
  • Chart of accounts
  • Commitment voucher
  • Forecasts
  • Commitment journal
  • Account
  • Etc

E. Other security

  • User creation
  • Authorization creation
  • Entry / modification of authorizations
  • Program assignment
  • Etc.

Various other editions are available, thus facilitating the analysis of Budget management data.

An interface is provided with other accounting software for exporting budget data to the TurboCompta Accounting software.

TurboBudget on Windows allows the entry of temporary entries. The entries entered in this way can be modified or deleted until it is decided to validate them fully or partially.