TURBOBANK ONLINE is a powerful banking management and accounting software that closely meets the banking requirements defined by COBAC. It solves most of the problems encountered in the management of banks and is perfectly suited to the management of credit institutions. This is the result of several years of work between TURBOSOFT IT specialists and experienced bank management practitioners.

On the strength of our expertise, our references and the long experience acquired in the field of design and production of IT and management systems, we have designed TURBOBANK around a sufficiently solid and stable architecture. We are convinced that TURBOBANK ONLINE will significantly improve the responsiveness of your teams and contribute to better management of your institution …


TURBOBANK is above all an accounting software, which means that all the accounting statements are generated: journals, general or auxiliary ledgers, general or auxiliary balances, characteristic management balances, DSF, Balance sheet, Institutional and internal management ratios.


  • Multi-agency: Inter-agency consolidations can be done every day
  • Transaction management
  • Multicurrency: Possibility to change money
  • Very high number of registrations: More than 2 billion accounts, 2 billion customers, 2 billion transactions etc.
  • Flexible and powerful configuration: Setting of conditions by account or group of accounts, by customer or group of customers
  • Security / Scalability
  • Opening: Possibility to export to Excel for analysis

Features of TurboBank 2014 on Windows

TurboBank 2014 on Windows allows you to do the following:


  • Cash transactions in currencies: national or foreign
  • Check processing, Transfer, DAT, BDC, EAT
  • Entering various transactions
  • Management of overdraft authorizations
  • Management of traveler checks
  • Sophisticated management of account statements
  • Loan processing
  • External payroll processing (civil servant or other salary)
  • Forcing events
  • Automatic or manual lettering of accounts
  • Management of daily collection
  • Management of periodic postings
  • Subscription management
  • Transfer management
  • Management of periodic commissions
  • Management of paying agencies (MINFI, Parastatal, Private company, etc.)
  • Budget management
  • Etc.

Main menu (with drop-down menu)

  • Settings
  • Front office transactions
  • Back office transactions
  • Diverse operations
  • Loans
  • Checkbook management
  • Budget management
  • User Management
  • Security

A. Entry states

  • Management of the nomenclature
  • Agency management
  • Currency management
  • Bank management
  • Condition management
  • Management of order conditions
  • Operations management
  • Client management
  • Account management
  • Management of counters
  • Cash management
  • Other parameters
  • Etc.

B. Exit States

The main output states generated by TURBOBANK are:

  • Operation logs;
  • The OD Journal
  • The cash journal;
  • Cash control report;
  • The state of the ticketing
  • List of Agency accounts;
  • List of Banks;
  • List of bank account codes;
  • List of bank accounts;
  • List of codes of the nature of conditions;
  • List of natures conditions;
  • List of movement committees;
  • Account maintenance fees;
  • List of clients;
  • List of customer accounts;
  • Account opening notices;
  • Bank conditions;
  • List of types of operations;
  • List of banking operations;
  • Editing of the summary of operations;
  • Large books;
  • General balance ;
  • Auxiliary scale;
  • Summary balance;
  • Balance grouping plan
  • Account statement ;
  • Withdrawal / payment slip
  • Dispatch / receipt slip
  • The credit situation / agency / client / network
  • List of dormant accounts
  • List of accounts in opposition
  • Statement of accounts receivable
  • The list of operation codes
  • The list of current loans;
  • The loan amortization table;
  • Interim management balances;
  • Financial Statements
  • The DSF;
  • Other surveillance states

– List of accounts receivable
– List of accounts payable
– List of accounts without credit movements
– List of past debit accounts
– List of past accounts payable
– List of accounts with debit movements
– List of accounts with credit movements
– Etc.

  • Cobac institutional and internal management ratios;
  • Etc.

Various other editions are available, thus facilitating the analysis of the data
in your bank and thus ensuring its sustainability and viability.

NB: Our TurboBank Online software is one of our most used and experienced software, flexible to each customer’s banking conditions and super secure and protected.