TURBOSOFT is a SARL under Cameroonian law specializing in the design and construction of IT and management systems. It is made up of a team of seasoned engineers, technicians and experts in various fields. Also, TURBOSOFT software is considered to be quite flexible and scalable. They are developed taking into account the specificities of the Cameroonian business environment (fiscal, legal, social, etc.).

At TURBOSOFT, we take care of what concerns you. We take care of finding solutions. We understand that what touches you most closely is “your business”, “its operation” and its “management”. For this reason we design for you, fully integrated automated management systems that allow you to focus on what interests you your business.

Thus our software which are information supports for the operating system (operational) and decision support tools for the management system (managerial staff) come to meet your needs and thus make your company competitive and sustainable.


Like any IT services company (IT Engineering Service Company), TURBOSOFT operates in the following areas:

  • Software development
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Computer cabling
  • Retraining and training of company personnel
  • IT systems audit
  • Consulting assistance
  • Emf Assistance
  • Sales of computer and electronic equipment